Heat Screening

Apr 12, 2016 | Products

The single greatest contributor to the inside temperature of a home in sunny New Mexico is the exterior walls. Put your hand on the outside stucco, wood or stone during the warm months and feel that heat. That heat translates to a warm interior, like a cocoon.

Some homes have the advantage of overhanging rooftops to create a portal, which prevents the sun from reaching exterior walls for at least part of the day. While portals or porches can reduce the amount of heat to exterior walls, additional screening of the portal will significantly reduce the exterior temperatures. When the sun is on the exterior walls, roll down the screening and you can feel how much cooler the exterior walls are. In the evening, when the sun goes down, roll the screens up to allow cool air to circulate and bring the temperature of the exterior walls down.

For homes without the protection of portals or porches, direct sun and outdoor temperatures coming through windows is the second contributing factor to warm interiors. Exterior screening for windows and sliding glass doors effectively shuts out heat from entering the home. By running ceiling fans in addition to exterior portal and window screening, you will find you can minimize costly air conditioning or do without it in the summer months altogether. And that is a significant savings in utility bills and reduces the output of damaging carbon pollutants as a by product of burning fossil fuels. Clients have seen dramatic savings as a result of installing screening from as little as 25% to as much as 60% or more of their summer cooling costs.

Lastly, our exterior screening effectively limits the damage from UV rays by 90% and the sturdy mesh fabric still allows a clear view through to the outdoors. The fabric is milled exclusively for Santa Fe Awning and has been installed for screening in thousands of homes and businesses in New Mexico. It has a 5 year warranty, but lasts for many years more when cared for properly. We offer both remote and manually operated installations. Anchor the screening curtains tightly to prevent waffling fabric in higher wind conditions, and you can increase the lifespan of your investment.