Desert Shade Solutions

May 4, 2022 | Products

Desert homes on open lots can offer very little in the way of natural shade from shrubs and trees. What foliage there may be is often low and sparse, and the building façade is exposed to the sun for the better part of the day. Two storey homes can bear the brunt of desert heat as it accumulates on the first floor and drifts upward to add to the temperature on the second floor. As such, second storey rooms can be as much as 10 degrees warmer than the ground floor.

Addressing the need for sun and heat protection in a two storey home involves identifying the source of the exposure and how the heat might travel. The ground floor can be protected in a variety of ways including outdoor screening, patio covers, awnings and in this case shade sails. A deep box awning provides shade over a corner entrance that otherwise traps heat and makes that entire side of the house warmer. It covers both the door and window, and shades the outside walls entirely thereby reducing the level of heat seeping indoors. This home has no portal, and while a patio cover structure would be an option, a pair of shade sails strategically designed and placed offers the same protection. A long triangle and long trapezoid design in combination bring visual interest and the pale maize fabric ensures an airy and uncluttered look. Each are anchored with bolts secured to the exterior and steel poles in the yard painted dark brown to blend with landscape.

Having reduced the heat exposure to the first floor over doors, windows and exterior walls, there will be less heat to rise to the upper storey. We’ve covered the windows of the second floor bedrooms with the highest sun exposure with box awnings that match the corner entrance.  A bright pop of turquoise blue adds a pretty accent, the darker color creates a darker shade, and the second floor will be significantly cooler. This combination of shading elements gives this home a new and welcoming look too!