Courtyard Shade Solutions

Apr 14, 2022 | Products

A sheltered courtyard patio is such a wonderful space and can cut at least some of the winds. But it can also absorb more heat and be less appealing in the warm months.

Depending on the orientation and number of faces, a courtyard can be exposed to sun and some winds in different areas throughout the day. In addition, the greater area of the courtyard is open to the sun for the better part of the day. This calls for a variety of shielding solutions. Here we’ve hung a pair of custom screens along one portal with the greatest sun exposure that can be raised and lowered throughout the day as needed. The seating area behind is fully protected from sun and winds when the screens are extended. To address the larger patio area 2 shade sails are erected which protect the area below from different angles as the sun passes overhead. This will keep the gravel and walkways cooler and reduce the heat build in this courtyard space without closing everything in. During the winter months, the shade sails are taken down which will allow more warmth from the sun when it’s needed. A shallow seating area with a bench and hanging plants receives much less direct sun during the day so we have left that area open.