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Jan 13, 2022 | Products

Before the patio screens were installed, the sun blazed in heating up the bricks, the wind howled against the windows, weeds and debris blew in and piled up. The lamps were dusty, the tabletop gritty and the chairs had to be swept regularly.

In the winter, the heat ran constantly, and in summer there were very few days that the house was cool without fans and A/C. In short, it’s a beautiful space but often too hot, too cold or too windy!

This winter there is a fire lit in the kiva on the patio behind the screens and hot toddies are served after a day of skiing as the sun goes down. In the spring and summer these folks have a comfortable patio to entertain friends, have coffee in the morning or spend a lazy afternoon. By rolling the patio screens up or down as needed, the house will be warmer in winter and cooler in summer all protected by patio screens.

In addition to creating an extension of the home with a useable outdoor space, patio screens when used effectively can help to reduce energy costs throughout the year.