Steel Covering

Dec 14, 2016 | Products

When awning fabric, mesh or screening is not durable enough for a job, not permanent enough or not strong enough, a steel covering or architectural detail can be a defining solution. Often used in commercial or industrial applications, a ramada or patio cover constructed of steel beams for a residential building offers a striking alternative to the softer look of an awning.

Our steel coverings and structures are designed and built in the workshop, each beam or section welded to exact specifications. The steel is then painted in black, red, deep brown or whatever color is called for and transported to the site for installation. Heavy equipment such as an industrial lift is often required to maneuver finished products into place. An entry covering such as these shown at commercial locations are mounted to the exterior wall with additional supports. A freestanding ramada or partially wall mounted covering will require concrete footings for support to ensure a plumb vertical line and integrity for the finished structure. While steel coverings like these are really intended for the visual effect, additional screening or awning fabric is often added for a home patio cover, and can be removed or replaced as needed.