Interior Window Screening

Feb 23, 2016 | Products

If you have ever had a rug, carpet or drapes exposed to sunshine from windows, day after day, you know the damage of UV rays from the sun. Colors fade, sometimes dramatically, and fibers deteriorate.

In the southwest, most of us live at altitudes much higher than the rest of the states and are exposed to greater potential harm. We apply sunscreen at the beach, on the golf course and on the ski slopes, and many of us wear sunscreen every day, regardless of our activities, to protect our skin from damage.

But what about our homes and businesses? Interior window and door screening is the effective solution, a practical sunscreen to protect personal property. Custom fabricated of sturdy mesh which allows light in, but cuts up to 90% of harmful UV rays, retractable interior screens can be controlled both manually or by quiet remote. Viewed from the outside, interior solar screening creates privacy while allowing a clear view from the interior. By reducing the amount of sun to reach the interior, increasing heat is diminished and energy costs associated with running fans and air conditioning are greatly reduced. Valuable personal property is protected from the sun’s rays and energy costs are controlled. Fabrics can be both translucent which allow light in, or of a blackout fabric which will block the view from inside. Both options will completely screen the view from outdoors and guarantee privacy during the day.