Ultra-Wide Custom Screening

Jan 7, 2016 | Products

⇒ World’s Largest Seamless View Screen!

We just have to toot our horn about this one. We think it may be the coolest product we’ve come up with this year.

A double roll tube is incorporated into our Santa Fe Patio Wind and Solar Screen™ allowing a free span, seamless, retractable screen up to 26 feet wide. Secured only at either end, the new free span hood covers the housing at the top for a clean, elegant look across a HUGE space! We’re pretty excited, because no one is doing this, no one has done this.
For purists, architects and custom builders, it’s the solution to screening across a wide span that won’t interfere with the design of the structure and reduces a choppy visual of multiple screens. For the homeowner, the wide free span screen increases the view area from the interior and reduces the number of mounts, supports, wiring and hardware needed to install multiple screens. That’s 26 feet of virtually uninterrupted view from both inside and out. It’s seamless, retractable and you can see clear through to the outdoors from under the portal. Wowzer! We’re loving it.