The Mud Room

Dec 14, 2015 | Products

Virtually any high traffic entry like kitchen doors, back entrances and employee entrances can benefit from a mud room. In addition to creating a space outside of the entrance for shoes, coats, and other items, a mud room creates an area which protects a building from changes in temperature.

In cold months, even an unheated space will be a bit warmer than the exterior air and protect the entry from winds, thereby preserving the interior of a building from heat loss as doors are opened for access. In warm months, the enclosed entry space prevents cool air from escaping the interior which also reduces energy costs. Revolving doors in office buildings, hotels and restaurants allow a number of people to come and go at once, increasing traffic access which is the original intent, but they too create a bubble of warmer or cooler air depending on the season, which reduces heat or cooling loss from the interior. While a larger, costly revolving door is not generally appropriate for a kitchen door, and the expense of a permanent sealed addition to the home may not be in a family budget or that of a small business, a fabricated enclosure can achieve similar results without that greater expense.