Aug 15, 2014 | Customers, Products

Roger and Cyndie invited us to their home to talk with us about their new Santa Fe Patio Wind and Solar Screens™. They have traveled, lived in Alberta and Minnesota, and are now settled in Santa Fe. It is a quiet and elegant home, with comfortable furniture, interesting and beautiful art, a selection of lovely, colorful kilims in every room, and magnificent views of the Jemez Mountains to the west from their portal.

When they purchased their home early this spring, they knew they needed some touch-ups on the landscaping, mainly to shore up the hillsides around the home, do some planting and create an attractive outdoor setting. Neither Roger nor Cyndie understood the real need for screening then, although an architect friend encouraged them to look into it. When they approached us at Santa Fe Awning, they were skeptical about the return on this substantial investment for the portal, and Cyndie especially, about how screening would affect the look of the home.

“Warren was very patient with us”, says Cyndie. “He didn’t push when we still had questions.” “And he was honest right from the beginning”, adds Roger. “He told us it would be a costly installation” to fabricate and install four large retractable screens on the portal. But Roger was concerned about the sun fading the kilims in the living room and Cyndie told us they never used the portal because it was too windy, and then too hot in the afternoon.

“I expected the electric bill to be lower after the screens were installed” says Roger, “but it is half of what I thought it would be. We’ve hardly used the heat pumps for cooling this summer.”

“We roll down the shades about 2pm” Cyndie told us, “and unless there is a very strong south wind blowing, the porch is very comfortable”. “And I know wind!” she says with a laugh. “”I used to sail on the Great Lakes.” She demonstrates how the remote controls each retractable screen individually. “I’m very pragmatic”, she tells us. “We chose the Buffalo color screen because you can see through it so clearly”. “It just blends in”, she says. “The screens have made a whole new room for us and we use it almost everyday.” She smiles at us and nods. “We’re happy customers” she says.