Small House, Big Solution

May 20, 2014 | Products

Many of our greatest successes can be found in modest business fronts and small homes. Sometimes the simplest job, the most economical solution offers the best results, and we are very proud of the hundreds of small jobs we do every year.
This small home has just two bedrooms, both facing east and south and unobscured by fencing or leafy trees. To say the rooms are a heatsink in the summer months is an understatement. In addition, the windows are mismatched – one with horizontal sliding windows and the other a vertical casement window framed in black. The client has painted the vertical black framed window white to match the other. Santa Fe Awning fabricated and installed identical deep awnings in Sunbrella Parchment and hung them at the same height over both windows. The result is a level perspective which reduces the dissimilarity of the windows, provides enough room to wind the casement windows to a full open position, and decreases the hours of direct sun flooding into the home. In this case, the awnings also afford some protection from winds, and keep rain from blowing into the top of the open casement windows.